St. Valentine: Honoring the Man and Not the Day!


St. Valentine, St. Valentine

(Sung to the tune of “O’ Christmas Tree” a.k.a. “O’ Tannenbaum”)

St. Valentine, St. Valentine,
This is your song; this is your rhyme.
You gave your blood in ancient time
With love of Christ your only crime.
Now what of that great memory?
Have we honored your history?

St. Valentine, St. Valentine,
Forgive these vain festivities.
With diamonds cut from poverty
And lips once red now chocolatey
And lovers loving without love,
How do you view us from above?

St. Valentine, St. Valentine,
What is it that you’re thinking of?
Surrounded by the martyred saints,
Who shed their blood without complaint;
Do you look down and blush with shame
To see how we have used your name?

St. Valentine, St. Valentine,
Oh no, you did not die in vain.
Many still find your Savior too
And then we find the real you
And are encouraged when we find
Our brother, dear Valentine.

(Written by Abel Prudhomme)



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Rebel Against Your Hand


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn,

It’s time to delete them: Life is back in!

Alerts and memes and selfies and fans…

Leave them! Stop staring at the palm of your hand!


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Breath! Think! Uncurl your spine!

Reach like a man! Touch the Divine!

Abandon the virtual! Rush to the real!

Awaken your conscience! Think and feel!


Be intelligent, being not a machine,

Nor a grunting trained animal who stares at a screen.

The rebellion’s begun! You’re not alone!

Simply turn on your mind, and turn off your phone!


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59 Million Babies KILLED! – Wanna do something to try and stop it?


Tell President Trump to go and speak to the ProLife Rally on Friday in person. President Reagan only spoke to them by telephone. (No other president even did that!) Tell him, go and speak to them himself, in person, at the rally!



  1. Go to
  2. At the top of the page, put your mouse on “Participate”
  3. On the list of things there, click on “Contact the White House”
  4. Fill out the form and type your message (“Go and speak to the Pro-Life Rally on Friday in person.”)
  5. click on the “Send” button at the bottom.

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Top 5: Resolutions for Christians in 2017 (with links to the best apps & sites)

I. Spirit

  1. Receive… the Word of God: memorize 25 new Bible passages.
  2. Perceive… the Word of God: research 6 new subjects in the Bible.
  3. Believe… the Word of God: pray through for at least 3 big requests.
  4. Achieve… the Work of God: add a 4th timer monthly by doing this weekly:
  • Retrieve… the lost: 21 invites = 14 ph. #s = 3 guests = one 2nd – 5th timer = great joy!
  • Relieve…   the church: alternate spending a night outside of church with…
      • the saints: in a small intimate prayer meeting for revival; and
      • the new people: include them in your family night every other week.
  1. Perceive… the Blessings of God: learn 24 hymns & list all 2016 blessings.


II. Soul

  1. Strategize… set aside one-hour-a-week to plan next week.
  2. Express… write 12 new poems this year.
  3. Cultivate… a correct attitude.
  4. Enjoy… a few simple things.
  1. Learn… how to read faces.


III. Mind

  1. Plan…     your goals.
  2. Organize… your documents.
  3. Chronicle… your life (at least 25 times this year).
  4. Improve… your vocabulary, grammar and other skills.
  5. Read… at least 25 books this year.
  • 15 life stories (biographies & autobiographies)
  • 5 doctrinal works (prayer, Bible, evangelism, preaching, etc.)
  • 5 works directly related to revival.
  1. Increase your brain power: IQ, EQ, and taming the monkey.


IV. Body

  1. Live… use the S Health, Google Fit or FitBit to walk 10,000 steps a day.
  2. Drink… use the Water Drink Reminder & evaluate progress monthly.
  3. Eat… use the 30 Days Diet Plan Builder & evaluate progress monthly.
  4. Work… use the Jefit Workout Tracker & evaluate progress monthly.
  • Weights… at least 2-times-a-week
  • Cardio… at least 3-times-a-week
  • Stretching… at least 5-times-a-week
  1. Master… a martial arts kata and create a kata from Ephesians 6:10-20.


V. Others – care for the members & visitors in your church and…

  1. Spouse… work on your marriage and help fulfill one of his/her dreams.
  2. Children… go to a theme park (Sea World or etc.) at least once this year.
  3. Parents… call them 36 times & visit them for at least 1 whole week.
  4. Relatives… write to at least 24 cousins, nieces or nephews via Messenger.
  • Siblings… write each one a sentimental handwritten letter with the Gospel in it.
  • Maternal… write the same type of letter to each aunt & uncle + first cousins & kids.
  • Paternal…  write the same type of letter to each aunt & uncle + first cousins & kids.
  1. Volunteer… at a rescue mission like the Salvation Army Harbor Lights.




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Time to Wonder (nonsensical?)

What if time… stopped…

I remember reading
In Wesley’s Journals
(Not condensed,
The full four
Of a little girl
Who was revived
After… having… died.

She spoke clearly,
And at length of…
Of which she at length
How… time… had… stopped…

Tick, tock.

I have been old
I was young
and found it peculiar
(As have those before and beside me –
Or is it behind and beyond –
I cannot somehow decipher which,
Right now;

Any… way…)

That time,
Who should slow down
As we get older,
Instead speeds up.

Is Time…
Or is it…
Or are we
Running faster
Something that we’ll
Never see?


When time…
Shall be no more

(I’ll end
That sentence

Do not chase the
Jack Rabbit,
He is already



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They have . . .

“They have have awakened to the value and solemnity of time, and feel that the one thing needful is to fill our few and swiftly passing years with a life large and useful and ever more abundant.   But it must be a life like Christ’s, for His was the best; and any life, however filled with excitement or success, of which He disapproves, would not seem to them worth living.”

(From the closing words of the preface to “Imago Christi: the Example of Jesus Christ”, by Rev. James Stalker, D. D., American Tract Society, N.Y, N.Y., 1889)





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To my prayer partners from William Bramwell…

“Where this element is too largely missing in Christians and gospel ministers, Bramwell believed, the cause was commonly twofold. First*, the day is not planned that private prayer takes first place. ‘Go to bed earlier’; ‘Spend less time talking to others – never be too long even in the best company’, were his common counsels to fellow preachers. Sometimes he spent unusual lengths of time in prayer  (‘What is so beneficial as a whole night spent in prayer?’), but it is the regular daily times of devotion, he insisted, that are essential.”

(Ian H. Murray, Wesley and Men Who Followed Him, pg. 133, The Banner of Truth Trust, Pennsylvania, 2003)


** The “element” referred to above, was a famouse quote from Bramwell, given as the proceeding paragraph to the above, as follows. 

“The more familiar acquaintance we have with God the more do we partake of him. He that passes by the fire may have some gleams of heat, but he that stands by it has his colour changed. It is not possible that a man should have any long conference with God and be no whit affected. If we are strangers to God it is no wonder that our faces become earthy.”

**I will give his second reason in another post, at another time.

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